The success of investment and a good income are dependent upon the proper establishment of plantations, elimination of weeds in the first year and grade the land on which the plantation will be established.

course revenue is dependent on the number of tons harvested from each hectare of plantation, and this is the result of yielding. If the plantation was well founded is the amount of biomass obtained depends greatly on the class of land. With our long experience indicates the following yields Kl. V - 12 tons, Kl. IV - 16 tons, Kl. III - 21 tons. These are crops per year.

Given the current price for buying 100 PLN per tonne of wet biomass that our company pays the same bear the cost of harvesting plus the EU area payments in the amount of 420 PLN, we can assume that the yield per hectare per year from the stands at:

V - Cl earth about 1,600 PLN

IV - Cl. Earth approximately 2,000 PLN

III - Cl. The Earth about 2,500 PLN

additional income could be management of sewage sludge on the plantation as treatment in addition to money from the settlement brings us to increase the yield of willow.

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