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Our company was founded in 1990 Since 1999, we started activities related to the cultivation of willow. Since 2003, two enthusiasts and Zbigniew Maciej Specylak Skawina decided to prove to doubters that a multitude of investment in willow plantations will provide income and long-term business. Our professional approach and strong commitment major contribution has led to tangible results. In 2007, transformed into a limited liability company with initial capital of 1.000.000 zł. We have our own 200 ha of willows and several hundred acres of our growers are comprehensively serve. Through the purchase of specialized planters efficiently and professionally assume large-plantation. Only last year we planted 220 ha of willows. The attached letters of reference confirm customer satisfaction with our service.

Our motto is reliability and honesty so many years been successfully run our business.
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