Establishment of willow

Before starting a new plantation soil pH should be investigated. It should be in the range of 5.5. If others are to whitewash the field according to the station which made measurements of soil.

primary treatment prior to planting crops is spraying to kill weeds before the planned multi-planting of willows. Then, make a deep plowing and harrowing, or other practice fields to flush.

Planting is done from November to the end of May. The sooner the better. Our company made a four-Swedish specialist planting planter which itself is used for making cuttings from the long bar at the time of planting. In this way we avoid drying the seedlings in their earlier article. Accurate planting machine allows a perfect fit for the future harvest spacings specialized harvesting willows. Currently, the cost of 1 ha of plantation establishment (planting seedlings ) is 5.500 zł.

minimum acreage for a sensible assumption is 10 ha plantation where there are nearby plantation operated by our company. Our company establish and operate plantations throughout the country. If the projected area of the plantation do not have to serve the required minimum area of 50 hectares.

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